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Reminiscences – Scottsdale

After Jerry obtained his PhD in Computer Science, we decided to go to Scottsdale to see more Western art, and then visit friends in Southern CA and relatives in San Jose and Berkeley, and then head back to Air Force Academy for another tour. We wanted to go to Scottsdale because Carl Barho, at the Country Store Gallery, had recommended galleries there for Western and Southwestern Art.

We saw works by Nicholai Fechin, Ray Swanson, a number of Cowboy Artists (CA), Bierstadt, Charles Russell, Frederic Remington and E.I. Couse. The main gallery we went to was Trailside which we also went to at a later time in Jackson Hole. One observation is today’s Scottsdale is like a southwestern Rodeo Drive (as in “Pretty Woman”); when we visited, as I recollect, it was more like a town in an old Roy Rogers TV show with compacted sand for roads and some blacktopping with embedded grave (the area now called “Old Town”l. It sorta looked like you needed to hitch your car to a hitchin’ post (as I recollect). The art was fantastic, if you liked Southwestern Art, which we did and do.


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