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Respect Me

Why do I paint bison? They are incredibly beautiful animals, not to mention that they are an icon of the Old West. People are fascinated with them, and want to look at them at close range because they are remnant of the millions that vanished on the prairies. In fact, every year more people are injured by bison than by bears, which might surprise a lot of people.

The photo or photos I based this painting on were some I had taken at Custer State Park during rutting season. The breeding bulls are quite active chuffing and roaring to let other contenders know he has found a mate. This bull was in hot pursuit of a bison cow, who had already crossed the road. This is when you see the bison exude vitality and raw power. I was in my car when I took photos of him, with him looking straight ahead at my husband and me driving through the park.


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