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Responding to an Opportunity for Kathy’s Art

We were on travel last week – spending a totally relaxing visit with a nephew and niece at their new home on one of the largest lakes in Texas and twice enjoying close-in fly-bys of 2 supersonic fighter jets – Kathy got a photo of the jets.

Near the end of that visit, we received a call from the curator of a gallery at the Inova Schar Cancer Institute in Fairfax, Virginia. The theme of the gallery is Healing Arts. We have been trying to get into the gallery for over a year after our photographer suggested that during a photo shoot in 2021 when he said that Kathy’s art has healing potential in its broadest context through Kathy’s theme of Capturing the Spirit of Animals. How did this happen – out of the blue? It turns out, that the artist scheduled for the next exhibit was not going to be ready, and the next exhibit was to start May 3, 2023. Well, Kathy accepted the challenge and it began with a Zoom call on April 26 after our return from Texas late on April 25.

So, we spent 5 days scurrying about, preparing exhibit materials and delivering 19 paintings to the curator on May 1. We still have some supporting material to be delivered by May 3. This material will include descriptions for all 19 paintings to help viewers of the artwork understand Kathy’s perspective of the subjects. The exhibit will last until the first of September. We will provide a first look of the exhibit in next Tuesday’s blog. We now feel like we need to go back to that lake home and relax.


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