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SESEF - A Past Life’s Experience

Many years ago, when I was doing Engineering Management as a Defense Contractor, I was project manager for a program called Shipboard Electronic Systems Evaluation Facilities (SESEFs), which are land-based test sites to facilitate testing of ship’s electromagnetic transmitting and receiving equipment. They offer services to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command activities as well as allied foreign navies. They were always referred to as the “reliable partner” for development and operational testing of shipboard electromagnetic systems, e.g., Search and Fire Control Radars, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems, Navy Data Link Systems, Communication Systems, Electronic warfare Systems, and Combat Direction Funding (DF) Systems.

The bottom line is a ship cannot test its own systems out, i.e., for example, a carrier cannot distinguish among its 38 different transmitters in different systems.

Not only did I manage the budget for this program, but I also performed a site survey for a SESEF site at Subic Bay, Philippines - arranging for all equipment, including the purchase of racks and new equipment to be shipped to the now defunct site. The U.S. left the Philippines in 1991 when Clark Air Force Base was shut down. In my spare time, I designed the logo that you see at the request of the Navy SESEF program office.


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