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I finished this beautiful longhorn bull and cow. I named this painting “She’s Mine”, because bulls will single out a cow during breeding season and pal around with her, not wanting anybody else to be close to her. Longhorn bulls are very protective of their cows, but they will always have a favorite.

In finishing this painting, I had to play around with the background a bit to make sure that the eyes were definitely on the bull and cow. By that, I painted the horizon a little higher and tapering off to the right. I decided to put a suggestion of trees in the background to force the viewer to just stop at the beautiful longhorns. First, though, I repainted the sky a lighter blue and roughed up the white and gray to hint clouds, but ever so slightly suggested, so as not to take the focus off of the bull and cow.

I also had to return to the bull and make the sienna/red for the speckled color a little darker, and then lightening up the whites and beiges in him. He is really a stunning bull. I enjoyed immensely painting this pair. I hope the owner likes the painting as well.


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