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SNOW SHADOWS from Wildlife Kathy Winkler

Well, I really did let the longhorn drive painting get to me once again. Only this time, I don’t plan on quitting. I have beat myself over the head with painting the cowboy on the shaded side behind the red and white Longhorn steer over about 2 or 3 times from the first image, not to mention I stuck another longhorn in between the tan longhorn and the red and white one. Well, they are gone again until I can muster up the courage to admit to putting it away for a couple of weeks and then taking another stab at it. This time, I refuse to be defeated.

So, I found a wonderful diversion of these two magnificent longhorn steers in the snow, casting these delicious long shadows. I blocked this one in over the past weekend, and now going full hilt to see where it leads me. I have yet to paint the two longhorns, just shadows of their real identities. Then, I need to tackle the small images between these two, sort of make their presence known in a distant mirage. I am so excited about the emotion I am able to bring to life with these two longhorns and the dramatic landscape of a sinking sunset.

Thank you so much, once again, for having the patience and the interest to follow me on this amazing journey of making emotion and just sheer presence apparent in my paintings.


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