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Just completed the finishing touches to this painting. I think I am satisfied with it. One of the objectives was to bring out the emotional side of my subjects, the main characters, that being the two longhorns, have a pensive, somber look to them as the sun is beginning to sink slowly into the horizon. I love the warmth of the sun, but the yellow hue around it to lets you know that it is very cold out. The very long blue shadows cast lead deliciously up to the posed longhorns. I put a little more brightness into the snow before calling it a day.

I started and have almost finished “My Way or the Highway II”. I painted the first one a few years ago, but always thought it needed a mate. The first one that you see has sold thousands of images worldwide. Although it has managed to go out on its own, a pairing never hurts and hopefully might catch up with its mate. I have a few more finishing touches on this guy, and then I think I will call it a day.


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