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Standoff, v1

I had originally wanted to make progress on the two longhorn paintings I named, “Longhorn SPA Day.” They had progressed to the ‘I want to be painted stage’, but meanwhile, I had in the back of my mind the need to block in these two bulls, i.e., a Brahman bull on the right and I think a Beefmaster on the left. I didn’t see a problem in simply blocking them in and painting them after the SPA painting. However, I wound up scrubbing the canvas three times with block ins, before the final version was the charm.

I couldn’t believe the problems I was having with the proportions. Sometimes that just happens. I always use my engineering graphics ruler that I have had for ages to guide me along to make sure I have the correct proportions.

I also sketch on graphics paper because I can use the little squares as a guide for proportionality. Anyway, the bottom line is I got waylaid into being stubborn about wanting to get these bulls blocked in before I moved on to the “Longhorn SPA Day.” I don’t like my mind cluttered up with the what ifs, and can I do it? I always have to put things like that to rest before I can advance. That is just the way it is.


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