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Stardust and Me

I couldn’t resist posting this pic of how big Stardust was in comparison to me at 5’5”. You can see her kind, gentle soul and dark brown, liquid eyes.. As you can see, she has radar ears to go with that T-Rex presence (as my trainer and friend, Mo, affectionately called her). It was such an honor to have been a part of her life for 13 years since before she was born. She was simply an amazing horse.

Mo and I are going to spread her ashes in a couple of weeks in Hank’s garden and her pasture. A little something about Hank’s garden is that she will be joining Hank (brother to Silver Charm – Kentucky Derby winner), Jake (Grandson of Secretariat – qualified for the Kentucky Derby but bowed a tendon and couldn’t run) Savannah (Thoroughbred) Getty (Thoroughbred) and her majesty, the elegant, beautiful Stardust.


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