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Starry, Starry Night

There is something absolutely mystical about a white longhorn steer standing under a beautiful night sky filled with stars. What makes it mystical for me is the fact that longhorn look especially haunting because of their long horns, and the light of the brilliant winter sky bouncing off of these spectacularly very different “head gear” that is certainly not part of any bovine species. Longhorn horns come in so many styles that I find it absolutely magical.

Incidentally, Longhorn are the only naturally evolved bovine to the U.S. The Spaniards left the forerunner of the longhorn when they returned to their native land to fend for themselves. The cattle they left behind were Corriente, native to Spain. The longhorn learned to adjust to the scrub brush, various plant life to dine on, and from there, this gorgeous breed of cattle evolved. I personally think that if one is able to have a longhorn as a lawn ornament, one would never be able to stop at one. I seriously believe they are like potato chips; so many horn styles, so many colors, so many looks. Some ranchers I have talked to over the years can attest to this, saying that it always just starts with “a couple”.


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