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Sunrise Breakfast

Usually, I don’t paint landscapes, but I just loved the photograph of these three horses and the backdrop of the mountains and brilliant color of gold on the foliage. Simply put, a painting made in heaven. My nephew gave the photo to me and told me I might like to do a painting of it. He and his wife were on a trip and stopped at Carlsbad, TX, and saw these three mustangs gathered in the early morning soft light, while having breakfast. I love to paint subjects that other people are passionate about as well. This one absolutely fit the bill! I just hope I can do the photo justice.

I always love expanding my palette a little, i.e., stepping outside my comfort zone. I am using a lot of purple (Dioxazine Purple) in this one, as well as dark green (Sap Green). Of course, I do use purple often in my shadows, toned down with Burnt Umber and a little Payne’s Gray, but that is just about the extent of “my” purple.


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