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It looks like I have my work cut out for me with these two longhorns plunging into a bed of water. I plan on making the grassy area behind them gold, i.e. yellow ochre and titanium, Naples yellow to a creamy look, a little sap green and burnt umber and ultramarine blue with cadmium yellow and a tad of black to make the taller growth look a little silver. Next, I will tackle the water with the shadows, elongating the images in the water. And, of course, I’ll continue to paint on the Longhorns, bringing up their colors as I work on the rest of the painting. I always have to remind myself that I need to work all areas of a painting to bring up the respective subjects, in this case, the grasses, longhorns, water, images in the water, and continue to eyeball what needs working on. I’m excited about the end result, and should probably finish these two longhorns in a couple of weeks.


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