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Teddy and Me

I’m taking a little diversion here from horses and me, to show you how Teddy loves to cuddle on the sofa while watching a movie.

Teddy is one of two of our goldendoodles. He is approaching 11 and ½ and has been an incredible companion. We can’t imagine being without him. We acquired him from a rescue league almost 9 and ½ years ago. Sadly, Theodore T. Bear has sarcomas. Unfortunately, he cannot have surgery because there are too many tumors. However, we have the well known cancer specialist in NC administering cell salts and aromatherapy to slow down the growth. In addition, Teddy has a dietician veterinarian who administers Chinese herbs and helps with his diet. Turns out he is allergic to chicken. We are doing everything we can to help him live his best life. I just wanted to share this photo with you.


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