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The Bears are Finished!

I never like to say a painting is finished. Saying that, drives me nuts. I think it is because, as I have said in the past, a painting is never really finished until you quit playing with it, i.e., changing this and that. Fortunately, I always have a goal in mind on what I want to do with my subject and the background. Of course, that is subject to change. It’s that artist’s license idea again. I changed the fur on my latest bear 4 times, and I am somewhat satisfied with the outcome. I also achieved what I wanted in his eyes, as I wanted him to look at you no matter where you stood to look at him.

Up next, I plan on painting a pair of similar paintings of what constitutes a Longhorn SPA day. One day, while out at the Plains, VA area, I almost drove past a pasture that I love to go into (owner’s permission). As I drove into the enclosure and then closed the gate behind me, I drove to the far end of the pasture and lo and behold, Longhorns were getting into the pond one at a time so that they could cool off from the heat that day. I loved watching them swishing their tails, and simply socializing with each other. Now, it’s back to work to capture that feeling.


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