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I hope you enjoyed this video of Katy - greeting me after having been in Texas the past week and a half. I always have wondered what this really looked from someone else’s viewpoint for me to be greeted by one of our pups no matter if we had just walked out and returned 5 minutes later. Well, this is it! After “wiggle butt’s” joyous “I love you” greeting, she followed me around and stuck to me like fly paper. Her greetings have always been endearing where she doesn’t seem like she can contain herself.

Katy seems like she has been having a particularly difficult time to adjusting to life without Teddy, who passed a couple of weeks ago. We take her on more rides and simply sit down to be with her as she continues to adjust to her missing friend. So, she can do all the “wiggle butts” and kissy faces she wants in the meantime.

Thank you again so much for following me on life’s journey.


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