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Each and every day, Charley, Katy and I stroll past this house in our neighborhood, morning and evening. After living in this community for 4 and ½ years, I can hardly wait to see all the ghosts and goblins the occupants of this house have in store for the neighborhood. It is absolutely amazing how, each year, they not only have some of the same tombstones, ghosts, skeletons, but they add new, just as impressive decorations.

There is always a theme. I had a tough time convincing Charley and Katy that these inanimate objects weren’t going to do something to them. Examples: I tried to get these two to sit on either side of the skeleton dog, but as you can see from the photograph, that was as close as I could get them. They wanted no part. It was the same thing with the skeleton hanging over the fence. It really spooked Charley.

They were not as fearful of the skeleton horse and hearse. When we got to the 30’ werewolf and the 30’ skeleton, they were afraid of the large black mats where these tall creatures stood. All-in-all though, I do think they were good sports about being part of my Halloween picture-taking escapade.


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