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The Three Buds and Fog Shrouding

I previously created a blog with just the block in of “The Three Buds.” I can now show you my finished painting of “The Three Buds.” That painting was an inspiration for my next two longhorn paintings, which I just spontaneously decided to paint after “The Three Buds.”

For the first of these, I decided to paint fog surrounding the longhorn bull and cow. It can be tricky at times to paint two objects in a painting, rather than an uneven number. The reason is that you don’t want to split your canvas down the middle. I solved the “twosome” issue by painting a darker object (see the dark, weedy grass between the two bovine), and then I caressed the duo with fog which makes the viewer see both of the bovine.

The second painting originally had dried grass typically found in the southwest of the U.S. I decided to make that grass green, and now I am going to attempt to go heavy on the fog and kiss the grass with a glimmer of yellow. I still have to paint the two longhorns - just brushing them in. Then, I’ll put in some flesh with some transparent red with white in places like behind the elbow towards the lower belly and in the inner upper “arms.” This should bring a balance between these shades and the dew kissed grass.

I still have the longhorn’s face and horns to paint, as well as to put in some highlights. I plan to show the finished paintings in a future blog.


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