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The Three Buds – In Progress

A few years ago, Jerry and I visited Longhorn and bison ranches in Colorado. We located a Longhorn ranch not too far from Colorado Springs (our old stomping ground – Jerry had taught Computer Science at the Air Force Academy). The rancher was very proud of his longhorns. One of the pastures he took us out to only had 3 longhorns. The bull is in the middle of this painting, flanked by longhorn steers on both sides. The rancher, of course, could walk up to them and pet them and love on them because the bovine knew him. They looked at us with a guarded eye, but given a little bit of time, I do believe they would have warmed up to us.

I loved painting these guys. Of course, I say that about every painting I approach. I simply get thrilled and excited to see what is going to spill out of my fingers. I find that I can do some wonderful things with paint once I have clairvoyant moments that “transport” me totally to somewhere else and where I am not thinking about what I am doing.

I have worked on this painting pretty steadily over the course of a week and a half. Now, all I have to do is paint the background, put a dash of paint here and there and say I am done, but I never say that. Satisfaction is more the operative word!!!! I can always do better, I think. Guess that is why I keep going back for more.


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