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Each week for the past 4 months, I have shared all the dogs and cats who chose us to be their guardians, mostly indirectly. Jerry and I always remember that no matter what kind of dog comes knocking on our door, there is always an invitation to enter and join the pack. They each bring to the table something wonderful - a smorgasbord of love and companionship. We never knew until we got a phone call to ask if we would take this dog or that dog in, what kind of dog would grace our threshold because we simply didn’t ask what breed, what color, size, etc., etc., etc. It just happened. How in the world could we be disappointed, as dogs don’t disappoint humans, but somehow, humans can be disappointing to dogs whether it is simply the lack of understanding or communication, etc. We owe them.

Two weeks ago, our beloved Teddy passed the day before his 12th birthday. Yes, it is tough to lose our precious friends, but as I have said before, and, of course, quoting a six year old boy, “humans come into this world to learn how to like and love, but dogs come into this world already knowing how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.” We still have Katy, our other goldendoodle. Ask me if we will get another dog, and I will tell you if the time is right, the pup will just walk over our threshold like so many others and act like he/she has always been with us. I just love that!!!!!


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