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Two Bulls #1 – Right Bull

I started these two bulls a couple of weeks ago. The one I am working on really gave me some challenges. I initially made the horns too thick in circumference, which threw off his face and his entire demeanor. I went back on Tuesday to straighten up my drawing that went off the map and reinvented this big boy, taking me into Wednesday and today. I had to really study my drawing to see what was off other than the horns. It turned out that I had to realign the face with the middle of the top of his crown, split down the middle, and then rebuilding his left eye to where not much is showing. That was the first thing that I did. Then, I worked on the bulged areas above his eyes and met just short of the middle so that I could build up the middle, wispy feathers in the vacant area. I then adjusted the skin between the right ear and eye. I also had to readjust the nostrils to the right. Now, I am satisfied that the painting of this bull is balanced. I still have the splotches of black and gray hair to work on, along with highlighting some of the folds of skin on front of his body. Lastly, I will work on building more interest in the horns, and then paint his eyes, which are the crowning piece of this work.


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