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Update on Newest Original

Two weeks ago, I showed on my video what I thought was a finished painting of 2 longhorn steers and a longhorn bull between the two steers. Best laid plans - I still need to pull the painting together and paint in a little shadow under the bovine and also maybe a little mist around them.

I had also started working on a pair of longhorn paintings, one of a bull and cow and the other one a longhorn cow and then 2 other longhorns in the distant horizon following their leader. When I visited the longhorn ranch, there was a lot of mist, remnants of fog in the early morning, so I decided to paint a little mist hanging over the grassy areas to draw the viewers eye to my subjects.

They looked so beautiful caressed by the foggy air nestling in the grass, producing what reminded me of how the misty soft billowy air made the longhorns look almost surreal.


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