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Visit to the Cherry Blossom Futurity 4.7.23

This past Friday we visited the Cherry Blossom Futurity in Culpeper, VA

It was a bit chillier than expected, but we did get some good shots from the pens. We thought you might enjoy some of the auctioneering, so we have attached a couple of videos.

The first video is of a longhorn from Class 2 (July to Sept 2022).

The 2nd video is of a member of Class 3 (April to June 2022).

There were 7 classes (7 was Jan 2021 to April 2021). Because of the weather, we began to take photos of longhorns in pens as potential subjects of paintings – a sampling is attached, had a lunch at a very good Mexican food-truck, a few more photos, and then home.

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