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In an earlier blog, I mentioned that I had found this longhorn bull in Salinas, Colorado. He was hanging out with 2 very beautiful steers. It was clear that these three longhorns were friends.

I put more green in the grass, and then I glazed it with a mix of Naples yellow, yellow ochre and white, highlighting under and in front of the bull. Then, I painted the background behind the bull and created a lighter version of what I had previously painted in the front. I didn’t want the viewer to go past that, so I suggested trees in the far background. Then, I went back over the bull to see if I had left anything out. By the time I was finished perusing the “landscape”, i.e., the bull, I painted the eyes, and then made the horns a little more round, so that the viewer could feel the bulk while surveying this bull’s beautiful horns. Now, I am quite satisfied with the outcome.


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