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Wildlife Artist Kathy Winkler Painting Magnifico The Longhorn Bull

I am really enjoying painting this magnificent longhorn bull. I’ve pretty much finished his head, sans the horns of course. I have also laid the groundwork for the bull’s body, and getting ready to paint his body of black spots over a white body. I had to concentrate on the bull’s patterns of wrinkles and folds of his hide in order to determine how to plan the color pattern. Once I have finished his body, I will go back and paint his horns. Then, I will start on the background. I think I have decided to go with a lighter ground, i.e., grasses, and then have soft rolling hills in the background, along with a light ultramarine blue, white, and Naples yellow sky. I’ve also decided to make the ground just directly behind the bull, a bit uneven, painting it as a little slope/angle to add to the wow factor of the bull. Hopefully, I’ll have this guy finished by the time we meet again.


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